Introduction of Bishop Ronald Wilson

From the time he was a teenager Bishop Wilson has expressed his passion for God with service in His Kingdom. As a young man with the kind of integrity and determination that gained him the merited award of Eagle Scout, he learned to channel his abilities through the highest calling of Christian ministry. Licensed with the Congregational Holiness Church as a minister in 1972 and ordained in 1974, Bishop Wilson discovered years of fulfillment and achievement working with the Royal Rangers (a distinctively Christian counterpart to the Boy Scouts). His leadership and organizational abilities took him from District Commander to National Commander in his own denomination and opened many doors of opportunity in Royal Ranger organizations in other denominations.

During this time Bishop Wilson also was a part of local church ministries and served in various positions on a district level, then began to pastor in 1987. The communities that he served as pastor were also recipients of his ministry leadership skills in other organizations such as a Christian school, a community helps program, local ministerial fellowships, and a hospital chaplaincy. And as a pastor in the North Georgia District, he served in three positions on the District Presbytery.

In 2001 Bishop Wilson's many years of passionate interest in world missions came into focus as he accepted the position of World Missions Superintendent of the Congregational Holiness Church. His abilities and energies were put to the test in the next two years as the department experienced exponential growth with new opportunities opening almost daily.

In 2003, Bishop Wilson was elected to the highest position in our denomination, and brought his experience, skills, spiritual giftings, integrity and determination to the position of General Superintendent of the Congregational Holiness Church.


After more than forty-four years of ministering the word in revivals, conferences, camp meetings, youth camps, seminars, retreats, homecomings, hospitals, civic organizations, and more, and serving in leadership positions on the local, district, national, and international levels Bishop Wilson continues to serve as General Superintendent of the Congregational Holiness Church.

He and his wife, Marlene, continue to enjoy their lifelong pursuit of seeking God and finding fulfillment in living lives of obedience to the Father's calling.

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