Ministers' Wives Fellowship

Ministers' Wives Fellowship:


"Heart to Heart Ministries is the ministers' wives fellowship in the Congregational Holiness Church.  It exists to provide support, fellowship and training for the minister’s wife.  Its goal is to help the wife of the minister find her own unique and God-given place by her husband’s side as the wife of a pastor or minister."


The Ministers' Wives Fellowship is directed by Marlene Wilson, International Executive Director.

(Email: "marlenewilson at chchurch dot com")

Board Members: Lisa Strickland and Mildred Colquitt


A message from Marlene Wilson: 



Thank you, once again, for putting your confidence in us as your leaders for the next four years. Please pray for the Ministers’ Wives Department, that we will follow the leadership of the Lord in bringing you the inspiration needed and the precise speakers to successfully push forward in this ever-changing world.


The role of a minister’s wife will, of course, differ with each lady. As a minister’s wife, I will share with you the principles I try to live by. This is based on Luke 10:30-36 and has always been my silent prayer: 1) do no harm; 2) leave things better than you found them; 3) help where no one else will. This is what the Good Samaritan did for the man in Jericho, and this is That we can do also.


At our last Ministers’ Wives Conference, a lady expressed that the conference saved her life. When we think our efforts are in vain, we must remind ourselves of this fact: God has the plan; just trust Him. That is all He asks of us. The future we pursue is as big as we let God be in each of our lives. Let God be God and trust Him!


Ministers' Wives Resources:

  • The Heart to Heart Ministry is a fellowship where ministers’ wives have a friend to share the good, the bad and the ridiculous with. For more information on this Ministry contact Susan Hanson.

  • Ministers’ Wives session that is conducted at the annual General WM Retreat.

  • The local Ministers’ Wives Director in your conference.

  • Gospel Messenger - Look for a bi-monthly article written by one of our Ministers’ Wives.

  • A Hand Book for Ministers’ Wives - by Dorothy Kelley Patterson


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