Missionettes Girls' Ministry:


"The goals of Missionettes are to win girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance, to train girls in Biblical principles of discipleship, to assist girls in developing spiritually and mentally, to provide encouragement, support, and accountability through Christian relationships, and to provide an environment for girls to develop their gifts and talents."


The Missionettes ministry trains girls to become soul winners. Missionettes is organized on the local, district, and national levels.


Missionettes ministry is administered by Tonya Cook, National Director.


I would like to express my love and gratitude for you allowing me to, once again, serve as your executive director of Missionettes for the next four years. Within the upcoming years, I want to see this department flourish. I would like for the churches to see the importance of guiding our young girls to prepare
them for a work in the Kingdom of God. I became a pastor’s wife at the young age of 23 and now realize how such training could have been extremely
beneficial to me. Preachers, teachers, parents and lay members, I urge you to take a look around and see our church of today and do all you can to love
and support these girls. You will never regret it. As you watch them grow in the Lord and become workers in His Kingdom, you can look on with satisfaction,
knowing that you had a hand in shaping their lives.

Please pray for the Missionettes Department and for me, as well, as I try to set a holy example for the girls to follow. With God being my help and guide, I
will work to the best of my ability to see all girls of the CHC grow, be successful and know they have a future in God’s Kingdom!

Tonya Cook

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