The purpose of Women's Ministries is to enable women to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to fulfill their respective responsibilities to their family, church and community.  Women's Ministries is organized both on the local, district, national, and international levels.  This ministry is service oriented and encourages service within the local church, community and mission fields at home and abroad.  Women's Ministries encourages spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women.  Women's Ministries provides a variety of programs for women of all ages.  Prayer is the number one priority in Women's Ministries of theCongregational Holiness Church."


Maggie Pruitt, International Executive Director, leads, directs, and administers the activities of Women's Ministries.  The Missionettes Girls' Ministries, Lady Minister's Fellowship, and Ministers' Wives Fellowship are auxiliaries of Women's Ministries.  For more information on any of these ministries, please contact Maggie Pruitt.

Women’s Ministries Maggie Pruitt, Executive A Chat with Maggie

Never Lose Your Vision

Many years ago, God gave me a dream to work with Women’s Ministries.  I chose to take action and pursue the goal as God directed my steps. Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.”

Personally, I enjoy working for Christ. Working for Him is my life, and the joy of the Lord is my strength. This is my vision and I never intend to lose it.  My prayer is that each lady will “occupy” until Jesus comes and not let the enemy steal the vision she has.

Satan is very much aware that if we set our thoughts on pursuing our future, and become united as a corporate group, we are certain to move forward in reaching our goals. His work is to set obstacles to hinder and weaken our calling. There may be times when destructive thoughts tend to infiltrate our minds with an effort to slowly steal our vision. However, we must always be on guard not to let this happen!

I am reminded of the story of the Tower of Babel, where the people had a vision to build the tower to Heaven. They were determined that nothing would hinder their goal. God knew their hearts and motives were fixed in that direction and nothing was stopping them. Therefore, He stopped their plans by confusing their languages (Genesis 11:1-9). Even though the people had a wrong vision, it is still a faith-building lesson. We can accomplish the right goals, but we must be determined to press forward in unity and pursue the future.

In Proverbs 29:18 the Scripture declares, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” One time I read the story of an 80-year-old man who said, “I’ve never been more excited about knowing and loving Christ than I am today.” No matter how old or young we are, we should never lose that vision because there is always something we can do for Christ.

On July 8, I attended the North Georgia District Quarterly WM meeting at Clermont Pentecostal Lighthouse, where Pastor Jeff Gailey serves. We had a wonderful time in the Lord as the Rev. Debbie Robertson, the North Georgia president, and her committee ministered in the service. At this same event, the Men’s Ministries gathered in the fellowship hall of the church and enjoyed a great service as well. Immediately following the service, we were served a delicious mea l prepared by all the ladies from the Pentecostal Lighthouse church. I look forward to attending these quarterly services. They are an encouragement to the North Georgia District leaders and everyone else who attends. In these last days, it is vital for us to support each other as we move forward in advancing the Kingdom of God.

I attended the South Alabama Camp Meeting WM Day service, where Dale Broyles is the District WM director on July 17. The theme for this service was “Saved to Serve.” The guest speaker was Elizabeth McCormick from Panama City Beach, Florida. She brought an inspiring message entitled “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against the Church,” taken from Matthew 16:18. In her message, she exhorted all the ladies to know their place in the Lord as strong Christians and not to faint. Sister McCormick also encouraged the ladies to remember that God will always honor you when you are in your right place with Him. Immediately following the service, we all gathered in the fellowship hall and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the ladies. It was truly a blessing to be with all the WMs from the South Alabama District

On August 4, I had the privilege to attend the Sunday afternoon WM service during the North Georgia District Camp Meeting. This was a time chosen to honor the previous District WM Board and newly elected WM Board. Newly elected WM Director Tina Bladwin delivered an inspiring message taken from Psalm 24:7, 8,“Who Is This King of Glory?” She encouraged the ladies to open the doors of their hearts and welcome the King of Glory to become strong and mighty in their lives. The WM

On an ending note, I was so glad to attend for another General Conference this June. It was such a blessing to see and speak with so many of you.


Women's Ministries Motto:  "Saved to Serve" 


Colors:  Red for Christ's Blood shed for us.  White for purity.

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Women's Ministries Board:

[L-R] Michelle Sanders (Executive Secretary-Treasurer), Brenda Surrency (1st Assistant Executive Director and Lady Ministers International Executive Director), Maggie Pruitt (Women's Ministries International Executive Director), Wanda Murray (Executive Secretary-Recorder), Tonya Cook (Missionettes National Director)



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