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July—August  2017  Newsletter  

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World Mission Executive Director Charles Hanson  For the past eight years, Susan and I have had the honor of serving as World Mission Director. We have experienced first-hand what God is doing around the world. It has been a pleasure working with all the superintendents and churches in the US and other countries. Thank you for your prayers and support these past years.
On August 1st, Rev. Scotty Poole will assume the position of World Mission Director. I am confident, under his leadership that God will use him in a great way. Please keep Scotty and his wife Redenna in your prayers as they begin this new season in their life. Charles Hanson
My Testimony:  By Bishop Charles Hanson
I was eleven years old when God placed His “call” upon my life. I came from a large family of four boys and four girls. At that time, my father pastored a small church in Piedmont, Alabama. As children, we made up part of my dad’s congregation.  Being kids, we would often “play” church. One morning my younger brother and I were playing church and he was the song leader. That morning when he finished singing, he turned the service over to the preacher; the preacher being me! . . .  
Contunie reading on Page 2
A missionary at heart, Bro. Robert Paschal  
missionary at heart, Bro. Robert Paschal completed his earthly journey on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Robert will be remembered by the Congregational Holiness Church for his service to the World Missions department as secretary to Rev. Hugh Skelton during the mid to later 1960’s. His passion for world missions continued throughout his life as he continued to support various laborers in both the CHC and other Christian organizations with his prayers, words of encouragement, time, and offerings. He was privileged to make a number of trips to Mexico during his life and one visit to Israel. He passed his love of missions to many of his family members; several nephews have been active in various foreign mission endeavors through their local churches. Most recently, Robert and his wife had helped support a missionary family in China.
        Always concerned about the needs of others, he often strived to meet those needs ahead of his own. After his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service, Robert and his wife served as “house parents” for a group of developmentally challenged adults for a number of years. During any spare time, he was usually found trying to do something to make life a little easier for someone else.   .  .  Contunie reading on Page 2
God spoke to us through Dr. Hugh Skelton at the General Conference. Here is the last part of that message.  . . .
        Satan has always tried to destroy the church, but he has failed throughout history and he will continue to do so. Brothers and sisters, we are members of something indestructible.
        As an organization, I believe we are going to join with the prophet Haggai and declare, "The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house". It will not be material glory but it will be spiritual glory, which will make the difference. It is not going to be stone and mortar, beams of cedar, gold, or silver, but his presence that will make the difference.
        To build for the future, solve old traditions, and some old patterns of doing things. Our manmade plans will be subject to change by the Holy Spirit.
We are going to have to develop a spirit of adventure because where God is leading, we have not traveled before. There will be new things, exciting things ahead and yes there will be danger. Adventure always has an element of danger. . .  Contunie reading on Page 2
Our Panama Mission Trip  By Whitney Rylee      
When your Pastor comes to choir practice and tells the choir that he wants to take them to Panama City, Panama to run a crusade more than a few eyebrows were raised and wonder-filled glances were shared by the members. But that is exactly what happened and after a full year of getting passports, learning to sing in Spanish, and praying diligently about the trip, on June 22, 2017, the LAP Choir boarded a Boeing 737 and took off for Panama. For some of our choir, it was their first time flying as well as their first time out of the country. But when God tells you to go, that’s what you do! 
           The crusade was an experience of a lifetime. With the help of the Congregational Church of Panama as well as Tabernacle of Faith Church of God in Panama City, many souls were reached for the kingdom. The Tabernacle of Faith COG graciously allowed use of their sanctuary that seated as many as 2000 people.
 Pastor Keith Phagan ministered on Saturday afternoon and Pastor Scotty Poole ministered on Sunday afternoon. Each day there were between 600 and 800 in attendance and many responded to the call for salvation, healing, and to work in the ministry. . . Contunie reading on Page 2

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