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My Testimony:  By Bishop Charles Hanson
I was eleven years old when God placed His “call” upon my life. I came from a large family of four boys and four girls. At that time, my father pastored a small church in Piedmont, Alabama. As children, we made up part of my dad’s congregation.

Being kids, we would often “play” church. One morning my younger brother and I were playing church and he was the song leader. That morning when he finished singing, he turned the service over to the preacher; the preacher being me! My brother took a seat on top of a milk can. When I started preaching, my brother started shouting. The milk can overturned, and tossed him about six feet off the back porch. Obviously, he was a little bummed up!

My life changed in May of 1964. This was the end of my fifth-grade year. During this time, our church was in revival with Rev. Archie Gardner. The very first night of revival, I went to the altar and gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I remember how the Lord’s conviction tugged at my heart. It was not because of what Brother Gardner was preaching, but because I was afraid that I would die and go to hell. The following night, I was back in the altar seeking God's face. It was then that I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That night I began a journey that would consume the rest of my life; one that would include Jesus as my “tour guide.”

In June of that same year, I went with a friend of mine to youth camp at Piedmont Springs. My friend was a little older than I was. I was in a different class and didn’t know anyone. By Thursday, I was homesick. I saw Brother Archie Gardner at the campground. Brother Archie lived down the road from us, so I asked him for a ride home. After I got home, I began to read and study the Bible. That is when the Lord placed the call to preach on my life. Up until this time, I had told no one about this.

Our house was the place for the neighborhood boys to meet and play ball. There was an old log cabin that sat by the lake near our house. That old log cabin became my first church. We would go up to the log cabin and have prayer meeting services. We would sing and then I would preach. One day, I heard Mama tell Daddy, “The boys are playing church up there in that old building and Charles is preaching.” I could not resist telling her that we were not playing church; it was real! The Spirit of the Lord was meeting with us. That is when my parents found out that God had placed His call upon my life.

A few weeks later, my daddy asked me to preach for him. Just like any new preacher, I was inexperienced, but I knew the Lord’s anointing was on my life for His glory. Several pastors in the area heard I was preaching. Since Daddy was pastoring himself, he could not take me to preach. I asked my two older brothers to drive me. When and if I got a love offering, we always had to go by the Dairy Queen and I had to feed my brothers. I guess that was paying them for being my chauffeurs!

Through the years, I have witnessed the move of God. I stand amazed at how God is able to use someone like me. He has carried me down paths I could never imagine. My heart’s desire was to pastor full time, and God allowed me to do that for 30 years. God allowed me to be a pastor to pastors, by serving as District Superintendent for the Central Georgia District for fourteen years. I served our church as Home Mission Director for two years. God led me to start a mission called “Community Unity,” which is a kid's club in the Macon, Georgia, area. A group would go in and feed the children, then minister through a devotion. The area that we ministered in was drug-infested. Many have said that after ministering there the crime rate went down. The ministry continues today through others carrying on the work. My passion has always been to win the lost. I believe “missions” is across the street as well as across the sea.

I am indebted to my wife Susan, and our two daughters, Dawn and Julia. They have helped and greatly enhanced my ministry. Our sons-in-law, David and Tony have stood by me, also. Our five grandchildren, Jared, Colton, Maggie, Katelyn, and Madison have been wonderful blessings to me.

Through this amazing journey, I know most of all that my God has never left or forsaken me. He will go with me to the end of the world. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” This is exactly what I have tried to do by the Lord’s help. As I look back on my life, I give God all the praise, honor and glory!

World Mission Executive Director Charles Hanson

For the past eight years, Susan and I have had the honor of serving as World Mission Director. We have experienced first-hand what God is doing around the world. It has been a pleasure working with all the superintendents and churches in the US and other countries. Thank you for your prayers and support these past years.

On August 1st, Rev. Scotty Poole will assume the position of World Mission Director. I am confident, under his leadership that God will use him in a great way. Please keep Scotty and his wife Redenna in your prayers as they begin this new season in their life.

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A missionary at heart, Bro. Robert Paschal  

A missionary at heart, Bro. Robert Paschal completed his earthly journey on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Robert will be remembered by the Congregational Holiness Church for his service to the World Missions department as secretary to Rev. Hugh Skelton during the mid to later 1960’s. His passion for world missions continued throughout his life as he continued to support various laborers in both the CHC and other Christian organizations with his prayers, words of encouragement, time, and offerings. He was privileged to make a number of trips to Mexico during his life and one visit to Israel. He passed his love of missions to many of his family members; several nephews have been active in various foreign mission endeavors through their local churches. Most recently, Robert and his wife had helped support a missionary family in China.

       Always concerned about the needs of others, he often strived to meet those needs ahead of his own. After his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service, Robert and his wife served as “house parents” for a group of developmentally challenged adults for a number of years. During any spare time, he was usually found trying to do something to make life a little easier for someone else.

       Gifted with an ability for writing, Robert will be remembered by readers of the Carrollton newspaper for his letters to the editor in which he often courageously took a stand for Godly values and morals being attacked by the liberal media. Concerned with the increasingly anti-Christian values being taught in the public school systems, he encouraged parents to know what their children were being exposed to and to take necessary measures to see that their children were taught the truth through Christian schools or homeschooling when possible.

       Robert was always an encourager. When his health had made walking and speech very difficult-at-times almost impossible, he continued to encourage his family members to hold on to their faith and not to give into doubts even when the desired miracles did not come. Very rarely did Robert utter any complaint. Many times, at the end of a visit with family or friends, he would grasp the hands of those nearby and pray from Numbers 6:24-26, “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” He also faithfully prayed for the peace of Israel as he firmly believed Psalm 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”

      Robert was the son of the late Jeff and Emogene Paschal of Carrollton, Georgia. He leaves behind his loving and devoted wife of 55 years, Jean Towler Paschal, daughter, Melitta Paschal Brady, son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Georgia Paschal and two precious grandchildren, Neveah and Jonas. Three sisters also survive Becky Maxwell, Lynda Jiles, and Angie Willingham, as well as a number of nieces and nephews. Though he will be greatly missed by his family and friends, it is comforting to know that Robert is now walking with sure and confident steps on streets of gold and is now able to lift his voice in praise to his Maker! 

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God spoke to us through Dr. Hugh Skelton at the General Conference. Here is the last part of that message.

Satan has always tried to destroy the church, but he has failed throughout history and he will continue to do so.

Brothers and sisters, we are members of something indestructible. As an organization, I believe we are going to join with the prophet Haggai and declare, "The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house". It will not be material glory but it will be spiritual glory, which will make the difference. It is not going to be stone and mortar, beams of cedar, gold, or silver, but his presence that will make the difference. To build for the future, solve old traditions, and some old patterns of doing things. Our manmade plans will be subject to change by the Holy Spirit.

We are going to have to develop a spirit of adventure because where God is leading, we have not traveled before. There will be new things, exciting things ahead and yes there will be danger. Adventure always has an element of danger. There will be elements of opposition. Satan will rise up against us with a force, here before, unknown. In fact, he is already massing his forces against us but God says be courageous and be encouraged for God has ordained that we be a victorious organization.

We are to stand firm on God's word. We will continue to grow numerically. But know this; some people will move out while others move in. We will lose people who are not with us in purpose and spirit. We must watch out for criticizers, complainers, and those who want to rule, but do not want to work. For those who leave us let us pray for them, help them, encourage them, and lift them up.

We must not let anything move us away from what God is wanting to do in this great organization. God has called us to raise up champions in our churches, to raise up mighty men and women of valor, and to raise up overcomers. He has not called us to be an audience but to be an army on the move.

The trumpet is sounding the call to battle. The Holy Spirit has given us a position to stand in victory that has already been won at the cross. We are part of God's master plan to reach our communities and the world. The trumpet of the Lord is a joyful sound.

As an organization let's rejoice that we are so blessed. While here at this conference let's assemble together, as never before, and wait for his orders. Let God minister to us, heal us, bring new life to us and use us to bring about change. May we build ourselves up so we can build for the future.

We are to be a breakthrough organization preaching, teaching and equipping. God desire to breathe power and anointing into us so we can go to the top of the mountain and look over our inheritance. Not just a city, not just a nation, but nations worldwide.

Leaders - Pastors,  For the Congregational Holiness Church, this is a conference of new beginnings. We are to leave here and expect the greatest four years of our history.

 Leaders and pastors you are to led us into the next century. You are the key for world change. You have dreamed of a better day for your ministry. That day has arrived for all who will believe it and receive it. God has brought you to this conference to renew the calling he has placed on your life. You are part of the greatest army on this Earth.

You may feel that you are just a private but be encouraged you are in line to be a general in the harvest. You that have been faithful and obedient you have passed the test. Prepare yourself for a miracle. Listen to the voice of the Holy Ghost. Submit to his direction. Angels already have orders to minister to you and the needs of your churches.

Do not miss the supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit over your life. Go back, go back to a solid foundation and build for the kingdom. You are chosen of God to help finish the work He came to earth to accomplish. To build is to be willing to change as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Trust him, trust him you can make change in your community and the Future. Do not say, “I have 20 reasons why I can’t Build” but rather say, “I have 20 reasons Why I can build.

Beware of gimmicks, they will not last. .Discard what is not working in your church no matter what prices you have to pay” ‘Hanging on to old traditions to please certain one's will hinder your growth...You will have challenges but God says They will not equal my power. Put your emphasis on people and not on programs. It will be God's presence that will make the difference.

You are sheep in my pastor do you not know that I will lead you, guide you, protect you and supply your needs. Be determined to cross the finish line at Full speed. Check your foundation that you are Building upon. If you have issues repair, restore and rebuild. In the next four years storm the gates of hell and build, build and build.

God has a store of blessings already on the way to encourage you, to empower you, to anoint you with a fresh anointing. So return to your churches and push the restart button to build for the future.

God is going to send waves of glory over you and your church. The latter rain is going to be poured out upon you and engulf you. Don't allow anything or anyone to rob You of God's blessings. You may have come to this conference Discouraged and even thinking of giving up your church. You may be climbing the rough side of the Mountain but if so the sun is shining on the other side. Victory is already assured. Time is of essence. There has never been greater time to win souls than at this moment. Through the net out and reap the harvest...  Back to Top Stories Page 1

Our Panama Mission Trip  By Whitney Rylee

When your Pastor comes to choir practice and tells the choir that he wants to take them to Panama City, Panama to run a crusade more than a few eyebrows were raised and wonder-filledspan> glances were shared by the members. But that is exactly what happened and after a full year of getting passports, learning to sing in Spanish, and praying diligently about the trip, on June 22, 2017, the LAP Choir boarded a Boeing 737 and took off for Panama. For some of our choir, it was their first time flying as well as their first time out of the country. But when God tells you to go, that’s what you do! 

The crusade was an experience of a lifetime. With the help of the Congregational Church of Panama as well as Tabernacle of Faith Church of God in Panama City, many souls were reached for the kingdom. The Tabernacle of Faith COG graciously allowed use of their sanctuary that seated as many as 2000 people.

 Pastor Keith Phagan ministered on Saturday afternoon and Pastor Scotty Poole ministered on Sunday afternoon. Each day there were between 600 and 800 in attendance and many responded to the call for salvation, healing, and to work in the ministry.

As we had been preparing for this event, the Lord spoke to Pastor Scotty that we should pray for 2000 souls. That is a pretty big number! Bigger than what I could imagine. But isn’t that how God is? He takes our imaginations and dreams and makes them bigger! Unbeknownst to all of us on the trip, each service was broadcast live over the in-house radio station to all of Panama City, Panama and even beyond. That broadcast had the potential to reach 4 million people! The crusade was also live streamed online as well.

When we as Christians make the choice to follow God’s leading, even into the unknown and at times uncomfortable, there is no limit to what God can do!  I can’t help but think of the ripple effect when you drop something intospan> standing water…we may never know how far the reach of the message will go! 

Visiting Panama was a lesson in trusting and following God for our choir. It was also a great time of fellowship and bonding. From shopping at what we affectionately called “Walmart” to the sweet service at Promised Land Church (for which we were an hour late because of traffic in Panama City) to flying down the highway on an old school bus at 90 miles an hour (it was like being on a rollercoaster!), we made so many precious memories. And that just goes to show you that when you are willing to follow and trust, the experience will be beyond imagination! But the best part of all was the souls that are now forever changed! Souls that have been brought from death to life, not by anything we did, but by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

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