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Changes!  There’s still one! By Scotty Poole

Changes.  There is one thing about serving God and that is one should be ready to experience change.  Sometimes change can be a little scary other times change can be exciting, but one thing is certain if we are to continue to grow in God we will experience change.  Change should not affect our core values but rather it is those beliefs and value that will drive us to continue to change.  Just think about it, the small group of men and women, in an upper room on the day of Pentecost, had to change because of the sudden growth on that day.  They did not change the essence of who they were but they did make changes to accommodate, facilitate, and perpetuate the growing thriving Church they were becoming.

As a denomination, we are experiencing change as well.  I myself am experiencing change.  I am going from being a pastor to leading the growing and thriving Mission department of the Congregational Holiness Church.  A department, that through the years has faced many changes.  Starting with a single Sunday school in Cuba then venturing into one country after another the Mission department has grown to now reach 34 countries throughout the world. .
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The major religion in India is Hindu where over 300 million gods have evolved to be worshipped. Some are ancient, some are created by an individual and some are nonsense. Regardless of the gods that are worshipped in India, there is still only ONE TRUE LIVING GOD and that is Jesus Christ. Many places in India that I have been haven’t even heard the name of JESUS! When they do, the Holy Spirit convicts them of the truth of the Good News and their hearts are opened.

The next thing they must do is make the decision to accept Him as their only Savior. To do that is to risk harsh treatment from their family, to be disowned and cast out of their family unit or even killed. It is a great sacrifice but thousands are doing it today.

Those who have accepted Jesus Christ in India make up only about 4-8% of the population. A very slight minority. It will take dedicated Christians (and there are many) to reach the nation of India.

In the few years since the Congregational Holiness church has been working with Lata Lincoln, great things are happening. Contunie reading on Page 2

Greetings From India

Hi friend!  First of all thank you very much for helping us bring the gospel to India.  This is a great moment in our lives because we are here together joining hands for a single purpose of endeavoring to bring down the Kingdom of God on earth terminating the evil and illegal dominion of Satan!

We believe that transformation always begins on the inside manifesting on the outside, Jesus healed people and supplied their material needs which resulted in the opening of their hearts. At the Congregational Holiness Church in India, we want to become the hands and legs of Jesus letting Him touch and transform people!

Thanks to your support 65 Congregational Holiness Ordained Ministers are ministering in more than 650 villages every week.

Our heavenly Father has all the expertise required in transforming the desperate & broken down lives into powerful leaders who in turn would change the course of History!  . . .  Contunie reading on Page 2

"Where two or three are gathered together ” (Mat. 18:20)
By Dr Hugh Skelton

In 2003, we were in Argentina conducting evangelistic meetings and leadership workshops in the cities of Cipolleti and Neuquen in the southwest of the country and in Rosario in the northeast. It was a grueling schedule ... three services daily and always local ministers and people wanting to talk, to share their victories and their challenges, seeking advice. They were hungry for spiritual communication. Congregations ranged in size from 60 to 500. It seems easier to speak to all the people possible in one service rather than have several repeated smaller ones. But, large crowds are more demanding on a speaker. Remember that ministry is not just "making a speech"

One service was rather unusual to me as I was asked to ordain the Superintendent of Churches as an "Apostle". It is the highest honor given to a leader in Argentina churches, and our host had met all of the 21 Biblical qualifications, including such things as spiritual leadership, planting new churches, uniting people in the faith, serving with humility yet defending the faith, etc. . . Contunie reading on Page 2

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