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perspective, surely there was       How do we respond given the          December/January/February 2016-2017	             Vol. 92 No. 1
a better time and location for      uncertainty of our day? In John
God to send His only begotten       15, Jesus was sharing with His        OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE CONGREGATIONAL HOLINESS CHURCH
Son into the world. God’s           disciples some of the reactions                                   EDITOR
people were under the harsh         they should expect from an
rule of Rome and the madman         unholy world. I would remind                                         William Strickland
Herod, who was notorious            us that we should expect the         The Gospel Messenger (USPS 223-340) is published quarterly for
for slaughtering even his own       same. Jesus went so far as to        $10 per year by the Congregational Holiness Church, Incorporated,
family. And yet this was the        tell us that we should expect the    3888 Fayetteville Highway, Griffin, Georgia 30223. Periodicals
exact time and place chosen by      same. The events leading up          postage paid at Griffin, Georgia, and additional mailing offices.
God to give the greatest gift that  to the return of our Lord have       POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Gospel Messenger,
mankind has ever received.          been clearly prophesied, so          3888 Fayetteville Highway, Griffin, Georgia, 30223.
                                    why should it surprise us to see
    After Mary recovered from       events unfolding as they are?        All dated material for publication in The Gospel Messenger must
the initial shock of the message    This world is not our permanent      be in the office of the editor by the following dates: Winter
the angel Gabriel delivered         dwelling place, but the place        edition: October 20; Spring edition: January 20; Summer edition:
to her and after Joseph was         that Jesus is preparing for us       April 20; Fall edition: July 20.
convinced by an angel that a        will be joy unspeakable and full
miracle was indeed about to         of glory, eternal and everlasting                       Annual Subscription Price:
occur, Mary journeyed to the        joy. However, I remain convinced                          Individual – $10 per year
home of her cousin Elizabeth,       that God wants us to experience                        Bundles of 10 – $90 per year
who was also expecting a child.     a portion of that joy while we                         Bundles of 25 – $160 per year
When Mary greeted her cousin,       are on the journey. If His joy                         Bundles of 50 – $300 per year
Elizabeth said, “As soon as the     is in us, it will reflect itself in
voice of thy salutation sounded     our everyday life. Joy is the                        GENERAL EXECUTIVE BOARD
in mine ears, the babe leaped in    outward expression of an inward
my womb for joy” (Luke 1:44).       experience. I pray that each of      Ronald Wilson	                               General Superintendent
Joy always accompanies Jesus.       us will stir up the gift of God      Wayne Hicks	             First Assistant General Superintendent
Did the situation in that part of   that is within us, so that we can    Danny Jones	         Second Assistant General Superintendent
the world immediately change        rise to the occasion facing our      Leslee Bailey	
for the better? No. In fact, in     generation.                          Kenneth Law	                                          General Secretary
some ways it worsened. But                                                                                                     General Treasurer
a Savior had been born! And             As you and your family
that one moment in time would       celebrate the Christmas season,                      GENERAL MINISTRY DIRECTORS
change the world forever.           Marlene and I pray that God’s
                                    blessings will rest upon each of     Charles Hanson	                                         World Missions
    As we fast forward back         you. “Joy to the world, the Lord     William Strickland	                                         Mission USA
to the twenty-first century,        has come!”                           Maggie Pruitt	
the question again becomes,                                              Tonya Cook	                     Women’s Ministries International
                                                                         Ronald Cook	                                   National Missionettes
                                                                         Brian Willingham	
                                                                         Marlene Wilson	                     Men’s Ministries International
                                                                         Wanda Murray	              National Royal Rangers Commander
                                                                                              Ministers’ Wives Fellowship International
                                                                                               Lady Ministers’ Fellowship International

                                                                                         DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS

                                                                         Mark Willingham	                                  North Alabama
                                                                         Lavon Singleton	                                  South Alabama
                                                                         David Cockrell	
                                                                         Jack Crain	                                          East Carolina
                                                                         David Hodges	                                      West Carolina
                                                                         Hugh Smith	
                                                                         Mike Spence	                                                 Florida
                                                                         Gary Shepherd	                                   Central Georgia
                                                                         José Rubio	
                                                                                                                           North Georgia

                                                                                                                             Hispanic USA

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                                                                         of the author or contributor, to edit, revise, or otherwise alter any
                                                                         article, report, graphic, photo, or submission for publication in
                                                                         The Gospel Messenger, in accordance with the rules adopted by
                                                                         the Editorial Board of The Congregational Holiness Church. Upon
                                                                         submission, all materials immediately become the property of The
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                                                                         be made electronically to the magazine editor. All pictures should be
                                                                         sharp with good contrast and in the highest possible resolution.

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