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World Missions

Charles Hanson, Executive Director

FROM THE                               for worship. I have said for years,   Bishop Wilson with memorial plaque on wall
DIRECTOR’S                             the next thing we need to do for      Front of Wilson Memorial
DESK                                   a person after salvation is give      Over 2,000 at Pastor Julio’s Church
                                       them a place to worship. Bishop       Sunday Night service in Pastor Gabinia’s Church
    It is hard to believe that 2016    Wilson did a great job ministering,   Wilson Memorial Church
is quickly ending. As I write, I am    and the leadership of the church
sitting in Honduras where Bishop       did an awesome job honoring
Ronald Wilson and I have been          the Wilsons and their memory of
since October 21, visiting and         Rickey.
enjoying some great services.
On Friday, we were privileged to           We visited our City of Refuge
be in service with Pastor Julio,       orphanage on Sunday, October
where I was honored to minister        23. It is always a blessing to see
to approximately 1,500 people,         what God is doing for these boys.
as well as a TV audience covering      In January, we are expecting
their entire nation. Pastor Julio has  two more for the orphanage, so
done a great job in planting this      if anyone would like to support
church and keeping it growing.         a young boy, you can do so
He has shared with us how he           with only $30 per month. That
had home small groups within his       afternoon we attended service at
congregation for years, but last       the Fountain of Blessing Church
year the Lord began to deal with       in Puerto Cortes, where Pastor
him about a change in how he           Gabinia has done an excellent
was doing things. His plan is what     job of growing this congregation
many would call simple. He has         to several hundred. They are a
appointed several teams of five        lighthouse for this city!
from within the congregation. They
visit people in their homes from           Bishop Wilson left on October
which someone from within the          24, while I stayed and waited for
group knows (they recommend            Rod Folds and Alton Turner from
unchurched people). They make          Christ Chapel in Zebulon, Georgia,
friends with them and show the         to come visit two worship facilities
love of Christ. The result for the     they have built and look at a place
first month was 20 conversions,        to build another one. For almost
and these have started a new           60 years, the Congregational
church. The goal is to reach those     Holiness Church has served as
that are unchurched.                   a beacon of light to the country
                                       of Honduras. The results show
    On Saturday, October 22, we        that God is still touching lives
traveled to a mountain town here       here. This is only the story of one
in Honduras called Switzerland.        country. Now we can multiply
There, we dedicated a church           that times 36 and truly say we are
building in memory of Bishop           doing our best to reap the harvest.
Wilson’s brother, Rickey Wilson.
There has been a congregation              While keeping this in mind,
worshiping there for about two         please don’t forget that Sunday,
years without a building. After        November 20, will be our Feast of
the congregation purchased a           Ingathering offering. Please be a
piece of property, Bishop Wilson’s     part in giving so we can continue
family wanted to do something          to spread the Gospel to the entire
in Rickey’s memory. So they sent       world. Susan and I thank you for
the money for the building; now        your love, prayers, and support
about 300 people can meet here         to all who give to your CHC
                                       World Missions Department. We
The Gospel Messenger | Page 4          wish each of you a very merry
                                       Christmas and a happy New Year.
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