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POURING OUT IN AFRICA                                                   Also, they instill in each local congregation the importance of

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to Africa with World       being self-reliant. The Council reported that pastoral retention is
Missions Director Rev. Charles Hanson and Pastor Scotty Poole
of Lula Assembly of Praise. We were gone from August 28 through         good and they plan to continue training and deploying pastors
September 9. After a 16-hour flight to Johannesburg, we met
with Rev. Frederick Shumba, our Continental Representative for          in ministry. Brother Charles officiated in the ordination of several
Africa. From there, we took a flight to Blantyre, Malawi, where
each of us preached in a four-day conference hosted by Bible            ministers.
Faith Ministries, followed by a school of ministry for pastors and
leaders. A great addition to the African body of the Congregational     Bible Faith Ministries is in the process of setting up a medical
Holiness Church, Bible Faith Ministries has many village churches
and mission outreaches to Muslims. They are comparable to what          clinic in Mangochi, located in the southern region of Malawi.
we refer to as districts in the States, with 60 congregations in
Malawi.                                                                 This clinic will be officially registered by the government, and the

    The four-night conference began shortly after we arrived in         government will also help with staffing. Leadership also visualizes
Blantyre at a local high school. This conference was well attended,
with over 300 people in each service. One of the highlights was a       a conference center, a private Christian school, and planting more
breakout session, where the three of us participated in a question
and answer time.                                                        churches in the northern areas of Malawi. What a blessing it is to

    Every service was wonderful, but the most memorable was             have Bible Faith Ministries as a part of our family of ministries!
the Saturday night that focused on deliverance. Brother Shumba
preached and asked if any of them had ever been to a witch              Again, we understood our purpose in going to Malawi was
doctor. Over three-fourths of the people raised their hands! He
proceeded to preach a message on demonic activity and gave an           to minister to the lives of these pastors and leaders for both the
altar call for prayer and deliverance from demonic possession and
oppression. Many came forward, and we saw God cast demons               conference and school of ministry. We did our best and realized
out. It was a tremendous outpouring of God’s power. One lady,
after being delivered from demonic possession, was filled with          along the way that the Lord caused a reciprocal effect. There’s a
the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Another
young girl was set free from two years of demonic possession.           saying in football that encourages players to leave everything on
It is rare for us to see this within American congregations, but it
is a very real issue in places where people regularly engage in         the field. While we left a lot in Malawi, I believe we brought much
demonic activity.
                                                                        more back. I consider it a tremendous blessing that God allowed
    After the conference ended on Sunday, Bible Faith hosted
the first-ever South African School of Ministry (SASOM), which          me to have a small part in witnessing what He did while we were
began the following Monday morning. SASOM is the heart and
vision of Brother Shumba. This was our main purpose for the trip.       there. I learned that the more we pour out for Him, the more room
SASOM has been in the planning stages for over a year and came
to fruition on this trip. The goal for SASOM is to be an accredited     we open to be refilled from Him.  —Rev. Jonathan Fitzpatrick
school of ministry in Africa for pastors and church leaders. The
next SASOM is scheduled in Zimbabwe in 2017.                            Bible Faith Pastors & Leaders

    Our goal for this trip was to pour into the lives of these pastors  Break out session for local church leaders
and leaders. But we soon discovered the more we poured out,
the more we were filled. The devotion of these pastors is amazing!      Charles and local church leaders outside of Blantyre
Bishop Chikwaza says no pastor receives a salary for their
ministry, not even him. There are no resources with which to pay                                                                   The Gospel Messenger | Page 5
them, but they possess great dedication to the call!

    As the first day of classes started, Brother Shumba asked
everyone to tell about themselves. I was amazed by one pastor’s
testimony. He told that for many years he was a Muslim, but
amazingly, one day the Lord showed him a vision of a beautiful
city. During the vision, the Lord told him he would never see
that city without Jesus. He gave his heart to the Lord and was
eventually called into the ministry. He translated several services
during the conference.

    One evening after ending the SASOM classes for the day
and a wonderful meal, we met with the National Council for Bible
Faith Ministries. The National Council serves in the capacity as
our district presbyteries. We learned many positive things about
Bible Faith. They were established in 1983, and are an officially
recognized church organization by the Malawi government.
Amazingly, they haven’t had a congregation to split or leave the
organization since being founded. What excellent leadership from
Bishop Jeremiah Chikwaza and the other pastors and leaders!
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