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Life is a gift from God,
and therefore every life
is wonderful, precious,
valuable, beautiful, and
sacred. God knows each
baby as it is being formed
in its mother’s womb,
and each child has a vital
purpose in His master

    On January 22, 1973,
the United States Supreme
Court handed down the
Roe v. Wade decision,
legalizing abortion. An
average of 1.2 million
abortions continue to
occur each year in our
nation. Sanctity of Human
Life Sunday was instituted
in 1983 and is honored
each year by churches and
individuals who desire to
take a stand for life.

    Please take a stand
on Sunday, January 15,
2017, for the sanctity of human life. Do so by offering faith and hope to those in need. And by all means, allow your personal life to reflect
the love of Christ as you live out the golden rule.


The body of Christ, by design, contains many different parts that function together

for the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth (See 1 Corinthians 12:12-25). This

divine diversity is also present in the different generations that God places in His

church. As one generation paves the way for the next to follow, both draw from the

strengths and supply the needs of the other. The work of God is advanced to the future.

Consider, for example, my friend Lamar Mote. Lamar was a part of the congregation

at Bethel Temple Church in Demorest, Georgia, for most of his life. His parents were

charter members, and his father was once the pastor. He often visited Congregational

Holiness Church camp meetings throughout the southeast and regularly attended the

Union Grove Campground every summer. Lamar was raised in Bethel Temple, raised

his family there, and served the church in multiple roles, including deacon, until the day

he went to Heaven on October 12, 2016. Lamar loved to tell the history of the Bethel        R-L, Nicholas Scott, Scott Mote, & Lamar Mote.
Temple Church. His investment into the church and his connection to its past reminded

us all that our church was bigger than our time. It was birthed before us, and with God’s help and our service, it will continue past us.

Lamar was the kind of man who had experienced the encouragement of older Christians reaching out to him and his wife, Willette, as

a young couple. So, as he became the elder, he intentionally reached out to people like me who were younger than him. Generously, he

shared the experiences of a lifetime lived in the shadow of the church and a life lived in service to the Lord.

Psalm 145:4 teaches us that one generation praises God’s works to the next, as they tell of His mighty acts. From his experiences,

Lamar raised a banner to God’s goodness that encouraged the rest of us to follow. So how does this transfer happen? It happens when we

journey together, intentionally embracing the generational divide and building connections across it.

Once I was on a trip through the mountains with Lamar. It was a casual trip, a leisurely summer ride with no real schedule. So, when

traffic started backing up behind us, Lamar pulled the car off to the side of the road and said that he was retired, so he was going to let the

traffic pass. They were in a bigger hurry than he was.

When one realizes that life doesn’t always have to be lived in a hurry, the most profound lessons come into focus. The blur of the

passing scenery in high gear gives way to deeper lessons when we pause together by the side of the road to reflect on them.

These lessons from Lamar were simple but significant truths that helped settle an anxious spirit. Lamar knew how to “pull off the side

of the road” and help the frazzled gain perspective. Whatever the dimension of life, Lamar was able to demonstrate a deep faith that

God was in control, life was not a crisis, and we didn’t have to panic! It was a perspective born from experience and shared with the less


By embracing our elders, we tap into a precious resource of heritage, experience, and perspective. By embracing our youth, we acquire

new energy, ideas, and opportunities. Together, with equal concern for one another, we show that there is no division in the body of Christ

(see 1 Corinthians 12:25).

The blessing of working together across generations may be the most powerful lesson that I learned from Lamar. It certainly is

a treasured experience and one that I already miss having with him. However, we must all be willing to take up the torch and build

connections between the generations. We must embrace our elders and appropriately channel the energies of our youth.

                                                                                                                 —R. Geoffrey Dillard

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